My name is Tormod Haugen, and I am a programmer by day. This is probably completely irrelevant for this blog, but now it is said.

My name is Tormod Haugen, and I am a thinker. Of thoughts. I am a young man, not quite 30 40 years yet. I like to play games, read books, listen to music and apply irony, sarcasm and play upon words. My thoughts usually drain into nothingness, or worse – for my friends, are unloaded upon said friends.

This blog is my try at joining, or at least talking at, communities on the Internet. With other bloggers. What I write here is thoughts. Not necessarily well thought out thoughts, but at least thought I need to get out of my head before they die.

Sometimes the thoughts are in response to something I read, other times something that showed up on it’s own accord. Buggy pests ;)

I keep other blogs and web pages where I avoid writing, I hope this does not follow in their footsteps, but rather becomes a catalyst for my confidence at writing.


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